1:1 Voxer Strategy Intensive

NEW OFFER Get private coaching and support from me via 

1:1 Voxer Strategy Intensive where you'll have access to pick my brain, ask me any questions and bring your most profitable ideas to life!

Here's how it works:

YOU choose a date for our 1:1 Voxer Strategy Session and when your date comes around, you’ll have access to me for 2 hours via the free Voxer app (which is like a walkie-talkie where we can send text and audio messages back and forth).

We’ll start the day with you answering a few basic questions for me so that I get an idea of what you’re hoping to accomplish during our session.

From there, we’ll exchange steady messages throughout the half day to give you enough time to listen and reply to messages, take notes and implement or take care of other work / household / parenting etc. duties in between replies.

You can send text or voice messages. I might reply with either.

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  • 1x1:1 Voxer Strategy Intensive$197

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Heyyy, I'm Lucy!

I’m a Productivity Strategist obsessed with all things productivity and biz organized to fight off the overwhelm (including the kind that comes from creating designs in Canva)

And as a proud digital organizer, I’ve bottled up everything I know about getting your Canva account organized so you can finally breathe every time you login and know you'll find what you need exactly when you need it. 

Bouncing ideas and providing personal support is something I love to do, which is why I'm offering this limited time offer to you!

  • Is Voxer free?
    Yup, it sure is. It’s also available for both mobile and desktop. Upon submitting your payment, you'll receive access to a few Voxer Support guides to help you get started if you've never used Voxer before.
  • What can we talk about?
    We can talk about anything - I’ll let you take the lead, but here are some ideas based on what my biz besties love coming to me for:

    - Figure out which ‘big’ project or idea to prioritize next
    - Come up with unique and fun strategies to incorporate into your marketing or promo plan
    - How to handle certain situations (good or bad) that you’re currently facing in your business
    - Chat through any of my training materials and help you come up with a personalized solution based on your unique circumstances
    - etc.
  • What are the time slots available for the Voxer Intensive?
    You'll receive the calendar booking upon submitting your payment. Pick the time slot and date that best works for you. My standard availability hours are between 8AM - 4PM CT, Monday-Friday. Evening sessions can be made available upon request.

    If none of the time slots work for you, send me a message via the chat bubble with your time zone and availability so we can discuss an alternative.
  • Is this refundable?
    Since this is a 1:1 offer, no refunds will be provided.
  • I have another question...
    If you have any other questions, simply reply to the bubble on the bottom-right corner for the quickest reply.